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„Introducing InvoiceMaster for tourism invoices with a purchase order reference enabled us to reduce staff numbers by around 40% and freight costs by around 57%.”

Johannes Müller-Baltes, head of finance and accounting at DER
DER Touristik
الشركةDER Touristik
حيز التطبيقAutomated inbound invoice processing and archiving.
الموظفون6277 worldwide (in 2013)
المبيعات الكلية€4.6 billion (in 2013)
المقراتFrankfurt am Main
نطاق المشروعInvoices worldwide

وصف مختصر عن المشروع

Initial situation

Following the introduction in 1999 of an electronic archive for the audit-proof retention of invoices to relieve the burden on the paper archive, in 2005 the German travel agency DER wanted to optimise its invoice processing. Prior to automation, invoices without a purchase order reference went around the company with the rest of the internal post before being approved and entered in the SAP system manually. Tourism invoices with a purchase order reference were sent by freight to Galway in Ireland, where they were entered in SAP manually. Clarification processes were laborious and based on email or internal post.

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