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„Working with electronic records reduces monotonous search and filing work and optimizes workflows. Records can be accessed at any time regardless of where you are, which also makes telecommuting a possibility.”

Stefanie Ahlborn, eGovernment coordinator for Göttingen City Council
City of Göttingen
الشركةCity of Göttingen
حيز التطبيقRecords management with electronic records and electronic complaint management
القطاعPublic administration
التكاملAdministrative systems: OPEN/PROSOZ, INFOMA, pmOWI
نطاق المشروعMunicipal administration of the City of Göttingen

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Starting Point

The City of Göttingen had been dealing with the topic of e-government for a number of years. It
wanted to gradually switch to electronic administrative work. The electronic record was identified as
the essential basis for this. Once the personnel and financial resources were in place and the organizational requirements for the structured, coordinated introduction of electronic records were met,
the city acquired a high-performing system: Doxis4. It drew on its many years of administrative and
practical experience with its legacy system to select the optimal new system.

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