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ECM as a competitive advantage for banks and financial service providers

New digital business models have revolutionized business in the financial services sector. Cashless business transactions are becoming more widespread. For banks and financial service providers, information related to complex banking transactions is extremely important from the perspectives of volume, availability and security. In daily banking and financial service business, the number of documents is steadily increasing: credit applications, risk analyses, contracts, credit ratings, legitimizations, legal appraisals, real estate assessments, stock settlements, etc. For corporate governance, risk management and compliance reasons, these documents, process instances and records must be safely stored and accessible throughout business processes — and important competitive advantage. Based on a modern ECM technology platform, the Doxis4 iECM suite offers multifaceted solutions for banks and financial service providers.

ECM – A key technology for banks and financial service providers

ECM is a key technology for banks and financial service providers. Only here, ECM doesn't refer to the equity capital markets (ECM) department of an investment bank; it is referring to enterprise content management. ECM helps banks and financial service providers to design efficient processes, find new synergies and increase their productivity. Although the Doxis4 iECM suite offers considerable benefits from an economic and organizational point of view, the Doxis4 enterprise content management solution also supports companies in fulfilling both legal and internal regulations and requirements.

From inbound mail to application and case management to process optimization, compliance and audit-proof archiving – Doxis4 supports all document-based business processes of banks and financial service providers. Private customer service and credit departments, for example, benefit from customer and credit records which generate a high-quality document and expedite processing across all locations. However, some processes in areas like customer services don't always follow the same steps every time. Employees must be able to react flexibly to the issue at hand and adapt their processes to meet the circumstances in question. Unstructured processes such as these take up a lot of the company's resources and therefore result in higher costs than automated routine processes. In these processes, employees can benefit from the flexible case management functions provided by Doxis4 Task Management. The structured data needed for these processes is made available through a link to the systems containing the master data and contracts, while unstructured data (documents) is made available through access to complete, structured process instances contained in Doxis4 eRecords.

Expertise through experience: SER solutions for financial service providers

Based on its many years of working with well-known banks, financial service providers, asset managers and investment firms, SER has developed proven document management solutions. As an experienced and highly competent solution provider, SER combines sector-specific business process knowledge with the know-how of the most cutting-edge ECM technologies. SER has been successfully providing specialist IT solutions for the banking and financial industry since the mid-1980s. SER solutions have helped banks and financial organizations across Europe to improve their efficiency and services.

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ECM for banks and financial providers

There are now already 43 million documents in the LBS Doxis4 system. 300 LBS employees work with electronic records, such as building loan records, loan records and legal records.

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FCA Bank Deutschland GmbH

Since 1996 the car-finance bank FCA Bank Deutschland GmbH stores all loan contracts, associated documents, correspondence, etc. relating to the business with the consumer in the SER archive.

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